Working in a supportive team makes everyone’s work life easier, and in the past, it sometimes happened that General Practice Nurses had less team contact than their hospital colleagues.

That is all changing as the NHS invests in bigger teams of clinicians within General Practice and supports practices to work more closely together in Primary Care Networks which covering a population of around up to 50,000 people.  

GP Nurses are the largest professional group within General Practice, apart from the doctors, and will continue to have a pivotal role in helping patients stay well. What’s changing is that new clinical staff will spread the workload and complement each others’ work. These may include social prescribing link workers, physician associates, clinical pharmacists and others, forming a multi-disciplinary team to support patient needs.

As well as working with their practice team, GP Nurses will have new opportunities to join forces with nurses across their Primary Care Network, pool their talents and ideas to have an even greater impact on health of their community.

Find out more about A Day in the Life of a General Practice Nurse in this short film.

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